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Underneath you will find a lot of information in regard to tabla and to indian percussion. A comprehensive link-source to Sites, which are available in the Worl Wide Web, will give you a lot of knowledge and satisfaction. Also the Sites in which you are able to listen to music and download them will give you a lot of pleasure.


Tabla Teachers and Schools

Tabla Teachers International Source of tabla teachers.

TARANG - School for Indian classical Dance and Music

Sajal Karmakar is teaching at Tarang in Germany
tablafrance TABLA player and Teacher in Nice France in french language.

Rhythm and Consciousness

TaKeTina-Rhythm for Evolution The TaKeTiNa rhythm education activates the human and muscial potential through rhythm. TaKeTiNa has been founded and devoloped by the musician Reinhard Flatischler (MegaDrums).


History, Construction and Making of Tabla

Acoustical properties and construction of the tabla  
Histrory of the Tabla Short inside in the history of tabla.
Reference Chart of the Tabla Reference chart of the tabla.
Tabla Making in the Deccan Very comprehensive source in regard to the manufacturing of the tabla.
Tabla Gharana Tabla-Links, Tablamasters with Interviews, Pictures and their Homepages plus Informationens about the different schoolings of Tabla (Gharanas)
Chandrakantha Comprehensive manual in regard to how to maintain and epair a tabla.
Chandrakantha THE TABLA PUDI by David Courtney, Ph.D. Comprehensive information about how to manufacture a tabla. Interesting!


How to play Tabla

Beats and Phrases (theka) of Tabla Comprehensive Database of beats and phrases (thekas).
The Art of Tabla Accompaniment Short information about the art of accompaniement between tabla and other instruments.
Chandrakantha This site gives you a comprehensive database of the compositions of the tabla in different beats.
Chandrakantha Introduction in the learning of tabla; different techniks, silables for beginners with pictures. Its just to get an idea. If you are planning to lern tabla its a must to get a teacher.
Tabla.com Eine sehr umfangreiche Liste von Erklärungen aller Begriffe um das Thema "Tabla".
Kavit Haria, Tabla and Percussion
Site of the upcoming and talented tabla player based in London, UK
KKSongs Tabla Guide Good knowledge about the Tabla


Instruments: Tablas and Accessories

TARANG's World of Tabla Umfassendes Angebot an 4 verschiedenen Tablas in bester Anfänger- und Profiqualität nebst Zubehör. Ebenfalls großes Angebot an anderen Indischen Trommeln und Percussion-Instrumente.
TARANG Indian Instruments Das nahezu komplette Angebot an Indischen Instrumenten in hervorragender Qualität.


International Tabla Links with big Source of Informations

Tabla Com Sehr informative internationale Website zum Thema Tabla
Chandrakantha The"Tablasite" is a very comprehensive source about the theme "Tabla". Chandra's and David Courtney's Homepage
KwMap.com Searching machine which serves good hits on all kind of keywords in regard to percussion and indian music



Chandrakantha Ein Discussionsforum über das Thema TABLA
Indian Tabla Discussion Forum Discussion forum by Peyman Nasehpour for tabla-related topics.


Interviews with celebrated Tabla Players

Interview with Swapan Chaudhuri Interview with the world famous tablamaster Swapan Chaudhuri.
Interviews A very good interview with Zakir Hussain and also good links to musicians and groups like Shakti, John McLaughlin, Bill Laswell. Zakir did a lot of fusion projects with these musicians.
Alla Rakha Khan
Alla Rakha Khan
Zakir Hussain Crossing musical boundaries
by Anil Prasad
Zakir Hussain The Instrument Is Alive:
Interviewer: Michael Robinson

Zakir Hussain The Beat Goes On By Kavita Chhibber -
Zakir Hussain is not jaded by his success.
by Jan Haag
Bikram Gosh An Interview with Bikram Ghosh
Pandit Nayan Gosh "For me in Tabla, in addition to mathematical calculations, more important is the poetry in Tabla and maintaining the purity of various gharana characteristics."


Homepages of celebrated Tabla Players

Samir Chatterjee
Trilok Gurtu
Zakir Hussain
Pandit Shankar Gosh  
Ustad Haji Shamshuddin Khan  
Ustad Ahmedjan Thirakwa  
Pandit Taranath Rao
Khaprumama Parvatkar  
Kumar Bose  
Sabir Khan
Nikhil Gosh
Jonathan Dimond
Teacher of tablaand North Indian rhythm, music theory, improvisation and more!
Ustad Shaik Dawood Saheb web site
We have launched the website of my father the late Ustad Shaik Dawood Saheb, the legendary tabla Ustad of last century, which includes his music clips and concert photos.
Classical tabla Jim Feist's website of tabla
Pandit Suresh Talwalker  


Tabla Ensemble

Tablaensemble Swapan Chaudhuri, guru of the "Toronto Tabla Ensemble's Ritesh Das", is one of the worldwide famous tablamaster. It might interest you to go to his students homepage and listen to their music.



Momentrecords The Homepage of Moment Records, the Label of Zakir Hussain, the"Wizzard of Tabla".
Realworld Website of Realworld, the Worldmusic-Label of Peter Gabriel.


Listen to Tabla Music

The MP3 Library A very good source of Mp3's music around the world, also several tabla and pakhawaj solos.
Mac Moutals Indian Music Page Big french source of tabla music for listening online.



Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra
Spoken Hand unifies the drumming traditions of North Indian tabla, Afro-Cuban bata, Brazilian samba and West African djembe in a contemporary format.
KASP - The Fusion Experience
KASP is an Instrumental Fusion Band from India, that performs an amazing Fusion of Indian & Western music. Their music ranges from Strong Original Fusion Compositions to awesome Instrumental Covers and Themes, that offer a wonderful blend of Indian, Western, Jazz, Rock, Blues and a variety of other genres.
EthnoSuperLounge Indian classical and world music network based in Australia, Japan and India, organised by tabla player Shen Flindell.
Ancient-future A beautiful and comprehensive source for all who like Worldmusic.
Taaliqa multi instrumental Indo Arabic fusion duo
Jon Sterckx UK based tabla player / percussionist
Sangeet.se - Indian music made in sweden
The official website of tablaplayer and percussionist Sebastian Åberg


Glossary of Therms


A glossary of therms. Very detailed!

Tabla.com A very good dictionary about "Tabla".


Technique, Elektronic

Swarsystems Swar Systems is a Switzerland-based company specialized in Indian music software. These products are designed for students of Indian melody and rhythm, as well as for East-West fusion music composers.


Further Links to Tabla, Indian Percussion and Drums

Other Indian Percussion and Drums A lot of available instruments in very good quality.
Indian Dance Source of information and linklist about indian dance..


The current text in the second box can be replaced by "Tablaonline aims to serve Indian classical music with a focus on rhythm and faith. Experience tablaonline. A space for all to enjoy the unparalleled sounds of Indian classical music.

Jitendra Gore Jitendra Gore, is a popular name in the field of Indian Classical Music for presenting Samvadini – (harmonium with strings)!! Listen to the clips of Samvadini from his website.This is entirely different kind of “stringed harmonium” tuned in “just/natural” scale as an Indian Music solo performance instrument.


Distinctly India an online shop for the sale of Indian gifts, home furnishings, and fashion accessories
Rakhi Songs Ecards From 123Greetings.com Send these Raksha Bandhan Songs ecards to your brother or sister. The lyrics of these Raksha Bandhan songs give expression to your good wishes and love for each other and heightens the spirit of celebrations.

Other Interesting Links

Best quality of whole variety of indian instruments

Fantastic Tablas,  Video Tutor, Percussion Instruments and Accessories


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