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The Shrutibox, also called Surpeti, produces a sustained and resonant drone. This instrument is very easy to handle and requires hardly any playing skills. It is mainly used for accompanying singing (overtone singing, chanting etc.). Its functioning is very similar to the Harmonium, however it does not have a keyboard. On both sides of the instrument bellows can be released. The top of the opened bellows is pumped by hand. Inside the instrument, air is pressed through metal reeds which are set vibrating by this. They produce the appropriate sound when the corresponding valve on the outside of the instrument (see top photo - the white levers) has been opened. 12 chromatic notes of an octave can be selected by opening the valves and thus make the adjustment to the singing voice possible. For a beautiful, sonorous sound it is recommended to select also the corresponding fifth of the basic note or the lower fourth. But you can also choose any combination of chords you like. When playing the note C the octave is achieved by opening the 13th valve.

For playing, the two bellows that are concealed at the front and the back face of the instrument, have to be released. After that, the valves have to be released or opened by turning the white levers sideways. In doing this, a single drone or, by combining them, full chords can be produced. The pair of bellows that is opening out at the top, is continuously pumped with one hand by which air gets through the body of the instrument and into the second pair of bellows. While doing this, the tone that you have defined by opening the valves, is resonating. You can control the volume a little by pumping more gently or more strongly. Because of the easy handling, you can play the instrument in any desired position, even while walking. You can run a shoulder strap through the upper handle of the instrument.

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