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Dotara Folk

There are basically two types of Dotaras. First we will see the left picture above. Just like the Sarod, the Dotara consists of a wooden body covered with leather. The strings run across a bridge and a metal fingerboard. The tuning of the playing strings can be done in the same way as that of the Sarod, but it is, due to the smaller size of the Dotara, significantly higher. From this point of view the Dotara is a small, simplified version of the Sarod. The meaning of "Dotar" is "two strings". The Dotara from Bengal on offer from us, has indeed 4 playing strings and is a far better version concerning quality and playing possibilities.

The Dotara shown on the right picture is the originally version of a Dotara which actually means "two strings". "Do" means"2" und "tara" means " strings". Its also called the Mirabai Dotara. Mirabai was a queen, who had devoted her live to Lord Krishna and she played on this kind of Dotara. Its a very simple instrument which everybody can play easily. The tuning of the first string is Sa and the second string is either Pa, or Ma or any other note which is related to a note in the song which has to be acompanied. The strings of the Dotara can be rhythmically strucked as the player feels. Its very common to accompany Bajans. This instrument is very common in India and everywhere they offer it to very low prices. The Dotara which Tarang offers is of much better quality.

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Tarang's offer on Indian Musical Instruments

TARANG offers on principle only high-qualtiy musical instruments. This is made possible by close personal contact to the suppliers and a strict selection of the instruments that are included in our range of goods. We do not offer any instruments which reach the west from unknown sources via importers and which are often resold by middlemen without any quality check and setting of the instrument. The demand from the west is relatively high in India. The purchase prices are negotiated to the lowest limit by the western countries, especially for high ordered quantities. This has effects on the required care and circumspection in craftsmanship, on the experience and mentality of the commissioned manufacturer and the use of parts of the instruments that are often of a poor qualtity. Irrespective of the qualification of the skill in craftsmanship, this leads, in some cases, to results that do not deserve the name instrument. Thus it is easily comprehensible that it is essential, when bying an Indian instrument, to know the sources. TARANG only supplies instruments from indisputable sources. All instruments are delivered adjusted and ready to be played.

Of course, we understand that somebody who purchases an instrument is also dependent on accessories and spare parts. Also in this respect we can satisfy the needs of our customers. Should an instrument be defective at any time, we can arrange for appropriate restoration. As a rule we can deliver any instrument offered on our website within 1 - 2 weeks. Our international lists of teachers enable everybody to find information about a teacher in their proximity. You can expect from us: reasonable prices, prompt service and straightforward processing of purchase and delivery.

The financial aspect also has to be mentioned. Despite the high quality we offer, we also do our best to offer you these instruments at very competitive and reasonable prices.


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